* Maus gedrückt halten und bewegen um das Modell zu rotieren. Rechte Maustaste gedrückt halten und bewegen um das Objekt zu verschieben. Zoomen mit dem Mausrad.


To see it flying click the video button or watch it on [You Tube](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-lhAp11iZY)

First of all: Yes, it flies wonderful, easy to fly with surprising self stabilisation. But a little bit faster than motor glider generally use to fly ;-)
And the best off all: It lands by itself...

In the meantime it learnt to land more softly and got strong wings: thingiverse.com/thing:98954
Here you can see it fly: youtu.be/XIrR3X5ENus
And here is another video with stronger middle sections of the v-form wings:

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